Gold Investments – Will Gold Continue to Rise?

The nerve investors of the world have many questions about their thoughts. A question that attracts more and more attention is this: When investing in gold, gold will continue to increase? At more than $ 1400, we are in untapped waters to be safe. At this time, this question takes much more important than if it is a good time to buy gold. It means faith or lack of faith in the economies of the world. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you really should read. For regular readers who have a very profound understanding of the economy, financial markets and how precious metals interact for a moment, support me.

If you are a great deal of this, you need to know some facts: Gold was money for about 5,000 years. When current global governments replace paper for money, its value was only accepted as a “note” that can be exchanged for gold at any time, the notes wanted. The government established the relationship or price between these “notes” and gold. Visit:-

For many years this rate was between $ 20 and $ 40 per ounce. It can exchange “an ounced gold” for this “official” price in dollars. Governments need to keep gold in reserve in these indices to dollars that can be printed and expenses. If the national budget was 20 billion dollars, and the official price of gold was $ 20 per ounce, the government had to save 1 billion ounces of gold in the reserve. I.e … the gold standard.

The first official law to release the rules and allow officials to spend more without raising more real money to finance, will be changing relationships by changing the official price of gold. If they had to be 1000000000 our gold in discussion (many believe long before they stopped following rules and less than they were directed by law), and they turned into an official price of $ 20 to $ 30, they just added $ 10. Value to their alleged possession of 1 billion ounces gold … Presto-Change-O, $ 10 billion extra cash dollars on their chests.

Finally, government officials have less able to say no to nothing and, on the other hand, change the rules, finally ended with President Roosevelt, eliminating the US dollar from most of the gold standard during the Great Depression in 1933 While I was illegal for a US citizen. U most forms of gold. In 1971, President Nixon finished what a small relationship between the amount of gold he needed, needed the federal reserve to have the reserve to support the amount of dollars that could print. Now they were free to decide, if they needed more money, which officially increased the roof of the debt, then just push something. Gold was no longer money. So, now know that gold is not money and is not directly linked to him in any formal way, when investing in gold, gold will continue to increase? But wait for a moment. If there is no relationship between gold and the US dollar, why did gold first increased and who cares? It is a precious and definition of metal, that means there is not much and it seems like it is something people want. Unlike other precious metals such as silver, palladium, rhodium, etc., gold is not used in any manufacture. It is not necessary to gain more of it to increase production on other products, that is not the price of gold management. Definitely, there is a demand for increase that is a component of the gold increase in price … but why and who says who? Apart from jewelry, and an occasional tooth fill, it can be that … more cavities and bracelets? No. In fact, the multitude of more “traditional” investments that see shares and bonds as “real” investments will argue that such an investment as investment will not consider more than investment. This is the general forehead offered by Ben Bernanke, the President of the Federal Reserve, in his local banker and stockbrokers. However, the gold price remains rising. Whether you agree that gold is an investment or not, to buy and hold a short time at any time, it would have been a great investment. Even since its previous unheard of high in the last period of great inflation in the 1980s, more than $ 800, we, if executed, will offer an approximate performance of 75% today. Then revise for a minute. Gold is not money, and it is also not tied to money. Governments and banks need not have any booking anywhere in the world. It is not an industrial metal that is in question to produce other things that people buy. Most of the world of investment laughs at the idea of gold as an investment. You can’t easily buy gold and keep it in your anger (there is a golden anger where companies offer to buy and save gold for you in your place. But it’s hard to configure and it’s often not allowed in Retirement not plans sponsored by the company). In a decrease in the global market, as if we have lived since 2008, you can shop to a great deal for jewelry? In some countries, India and China name a few, there is a greater demand for these products, but in no way close enough to increase these price increases … then, what about gold and even take care?

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